Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in Williamsburg

The first week of December we visited Williamsburg. This is the second Christmas trip we have made to that historic town and we loved it. We love just walking the streets and feeling the history of the place. There is nothing like it! The decorations are beautiful, the people are friendly… It just can’t be topped. This year we took a tour sponsored by the garden club and got to see buildings that are not usually open. William did wonderful the first day.

The second day we were scheduled to see the “Grand Illumination”. Once a year at Christmas time they shoot fireworks in 3 different places in town. The fireworks light up the buildings and the sky. There are also small fires all along the sidewalks as well as lanterns. We hear it’s beautiful. We wanted William to be well rested and ready for the evening’s activities so we stayed in our hotel room and made sure he got his two naps and lots of food. We left around 3:30 and headed for the town. We don’t have any explanation for it but almost as soon as we hit the historic area William started crying. Not just little whimpers but loud cries of misery. Nothing would comfort him, and we tried pretty much everything. So after about 30 minutes we left. No Grand Illumination for us. It was McDonalds in the hotel room. And William, you may ask. He cooed and laughed and smiled the whole time he was up and then happily went off to sleep.

This is where the President of the Williamsburg Foundation lives.


The Second Day

We have just arrived for the festivities of the Grand Illimination

A handbell performance on one of several outdoor stages

Our McDonalds Feast

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Ayscues

This year was the first year I hosted Thanksgiving. It was a wonerful time and I enjoyed every minute of it. All the Ayscues came and we rejoiced in God's goodness to us.

After the Feast

When Russ's family comes for holidays they, so far, have all spent the night. It's really fun to have a house full of people and just be able to hang out all together especially because we don't get to see Randy and Nance much at all. After Thanksgiving dinner we watched all 8mm family movies. The next morning we pretty much just watched the kids.

Steve & Rose

My cousin Steve and his family stopped by our house on their way to my Aunt's house for Thanksgiving. It was so fun to see them! We had chili for lunch and Grandma's butter cake for dessert. Kathline and Hope discovered the attic. They were so excited. They were in our finished room above the garage and there is a half door up there that leads to the attic. They opened it and began exploring. I love that they did that. One of my dreams as a child was always to stumble upon an attic with lots of neat things to look through. I don't think our attic has many neat things but apparently they did, as I overheard them tell their mortified mother who was seeking to reprimand them for their overly zealous curiosity, "there are lots of really cool things up there".

Fall Pics

I know its almost the new year. I know this because I've been busy with Thanskgiving and Christmas things, hence no blogging. However, despite the fact that I should be posting snowy pics with people dressed in green and red I'm going to post leafy pics with people dressed in orange and brown. I'll get to the green and red, sometime.