Wednesday, July 23, 2008


William's home coming day.

Dressed for a Cardinal's game.

Our first anniversary.

Fourth of July

The Beach

Our Little Man

This is Nick. He is William's first cousin once removed. Which means he is the son of Russ's neice. They share the same birthday. Which means Nick was born on Feb. 21 just like William. Which means they are the same age.

This is William's first cousin, Tim and Amanda's son, Joshua. He was born May 16. Which means he is 3 months younger than William...

We love our little man.

The Beach

We came back home from St. Louis only to leave again for the beach in less than a week. We spent five fun filled days with the whole Ayscue family.


There are many things we miss about St. Louis: Family, Friends & Oberweis to name just a few. For those of who who have never experienced the Dickmanns and have our sympathies.

Like Father Like Son

These really were candid shots.

Except for this one.

Our Little Gardener

I was thinking about our garden recently, our garden in relationship to children to be more specific. I had always considered land ownership a luxury. A great blessing, but not in anyway needful or really useful other than its recreational benefits. However, I think my view has changed a little.

Russ and I often talk about wanting to teach our children the value of hard work. We want them to know what it is like to labor for the good of the family. We want them to take pride in a difficult job well done. It's incredible that we live in a society where parents actually have to plan and think about how to make this happen for their children. Our society has become so affluent that our kids could grow up with everything handed to them on a silver platter. But I digress.

It seems to me that land would facilitate many lessons in hard work. Gardening, whether vegetable or flower, is certainly one way to teach kids how to persevere in a difficult task and then take joy in the fruits of their labor. I'm sure all parents, land owners or not, can teach their kids about hard work. But land might more easily facilitate the process. Just a thought.

Celebrating the Fourth

We take celebrations seriously, especially when it involves eating.

Celebrating the Fourth

St. Louis Friends Take 1

St. Louis Friends Take 2

St. Louis Aunts & Uncles Take 1