Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kingsport Fun Fest

As soon as our house sells we'll be moving to the tri-cities area.  It seems like a great place to raise a family and both Russ and I are excited about being there.  Kingsport is one of the tri-cities.  Every year they have a week they call "Fun Fest".  There are all kinds of activities for kids of all ages.  They have a parade to kick things off on Friday that we watched.  We also stumbled across a model competition on Saturday that was at a park we went to.  On Tuesday William and I went to another part of Fun Fest where they have all kinds of different activities for kids.  I went with a new friend, Patricia and her kids.  Patricia and her family attend Cornerstone Chapel, the church we have been visiting when we're in TN.  So with that explanation here are some pics.  Hope you enjoy.

Fun Fest: See Sawing

Fun Fest: Bubbles

Fun Fest: The Train

William loves trains.  He also loves buttons, levers, switches, anything mechanical.  This train combined both loves.  It was a train and he got to pull a rope that rang a bell.  Can't get much better than that.  

William with his new friend Elizabeth
The kids in the red and blue cars go to Cornerstone

Fun Fest: Milking a Cow

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mom's Shoes

I have a walk in closet off my bathroom and so whenever I get ready, William “plays” in my closet. For several months that consisted in putting on and off my shoes.

Sweet Curls

William still hasn’t gotten a haircut. Russ keeps telling me, “soon”. I love his curls and I can’t imagine cutting them, even though I know I’ll have to... too soon.


Many of you know this by now, but our family is in the process of moving to Tennessee. Russ took a job at Touchstone Wireless and has been working there since June 28. We have a one bedroom apartment where Russ stays during the week. Sometimes William and I are there and sometime we are here in NC. We’re all praying our house sells quickly so we can be together full time again. These are pictures I took the first time we went to visit the area to see if the Lord might be leading us there.