Saturday, August 14, 2010

Creation Kingdom

There are very few good things I can say about this time when Russ is in TN and William and I are in NC. The only thing I can say I heartily enjoy is when I’m in TN for the weekend and we have the freedom to go exploring. A few weekends ago we went to “The Creation Kingdom” in VA. It’s only about 30 min away from where we are. It’s only been around for about a year and it’s basically a very small private zoo. I really couldn’t believe how ramshackled it was but the animals looked very healthy and active so I guess it was okay. We enjoyed looking at the animals and feeding them.

Creation Kingdom:Feeding the Animals

Creation Kingdom: Animals big and small

There were several animals to see: barnyard animals, exotic birds, monkeys, tigers, leopards, zebras, and more. William liked feeding the barnyard animals best of all.
Don't know if you can see it or not, but that's a tiger back there.
I've seen an ostrich before but maybe not this close.  I actually fed this one.  The fence was big enough for him to stick his neck through which was a bit diconcerting becasue he really was a massive bird.

William was fascinated by the little silk worm he found crawling along the picnic table.

Creation Kingdom: Feeding the Goats

Did I mention William like feeding the goats?

Like Father Like Son: Take 1

Like Father Like Son: Take 2

Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Apartment: William's Room

Since July Russ has been working in TN at Touchstone Wireless as those who still read this infrequently updated blog know.  We have a one bedroom apartment there that we are very thankful for.  One of the great things about it is that even though it's only one bedroom there is a little nook for William to sleep all by himself--the laundry closet.  It's seems to have been made with his pack n play in mind.